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Did I do anything useful?

Today I:

  • Dragged a few of the tree branches from just beyond our fence to a heap further away.

  • Checked my online tutor groups (both me as tutor and me as student).

  • Made toasted sandwiches for G for lunch.

  • Took my car to garage to get a new headlight bulb

  • Went to Post Office to return boots that were too large and bought more cheese and some of the nice carrot cake.

  • Called in at doctor's surgery to make appointment for blood test and next review of how I'm doing with blood pressure.

  • Collected car and drove up to place where daughter and I parked yesterday and retraced the first part of the walk in order to hunt for lost glove.

  • Found glove, none the worse for its night alone in the forest.

  • Completed small circular walk (see piccies below)

  • Drove back into town and scooted round Co-op to acquire more fresh fruit and veggies for the week.

  • Came home and designed a simple Christmas card to do with my class tomorrow.

  • Made veggie soup for me and lasagne for G.

Which looks quite a lot when written out like that, but it didn't feel like much and there's still tons of stuff I had on my To Do list that I haven't even begun to tackle.

This is the lake Pwll y Gele Bach, with distant swans. My daughter and I walked up through the woods to here and then on up through more woods, with occasional views of Cadair Idris. I tried out the self-portrait feature on the camera and the final photo is the strange stone arch that straddles the lane. As far as I know, no one knows when or why it was built, but there is an ancient legend relating to it. I don't have time right now to unearth the source, but if my memory serves me correctly, its name is Porth yr Euog (Gateway of the Guilty) and it was something to do with condemned people being spared if they could run to it.

The view of Cadair, with the self-portrait of me in front of the same view.


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