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Writing progress

Though I'm nowhere near hitting NaNoWriMo levels, after a brief hiatus over the weekend, due to our daughter visiting, the W is back IP again.

Words yesterday: 249
Words today: 546
Words in Chapter 12: 1065
Words total: 53,781
Reason for stopping: Half way through scene, the women are about to undress and start dancing, but I need to sort out dinner for tonight and get ready for work.

Other: A snippet from today's output:

The moon shone brightly, just occasionally obscured by a small cloud, and that only dulled the light a little, the moonlight turning the puffy cloud-edges cold bright silver.

"Gibbous," Willimina said.

"Pardon?" Ceri replied. "Oh, the moon."

"Almost, but not yet quite full. Still waxing. Which of course is what we want the male member to do." Willimina giggled. "Well, not us precisely. The people who will buy our charms, that is."

Oh, and a postscript: It's just as well I took the photo for this icon when I did because I noticed when I went through Llangollen yesterday that they've now erased the Dalek from the sign.

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