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Writing progress

Additional words written last night before the evening class: 96

Words today: 681
Words in Chapter 12: 1748
Words total: 54,464
Reason for stopping: Still mid-scene, but it's time to sort out tonight's dinner and get ready for work.
Other: The women, busy making Erotic Artefacts, are about to be interrupted by Goorgi the weredog, which leads us to discovering the next bombshell I'm about to drop on my characters. Oooh! I am cruel.

I want to write a bit about how I'm moving from scene to scene using the omni POV, but don't have time now or I'll be rushing out in a panic again, like I did yesterday. (Didn't help that I realised it was ages since I'd checked the oil level in the car, so I did, and of course it needed more, which meant a few minutes taken up opening up the garage, getting oil out, adding oil, putting oil away.) It's not that I was late; I was there 10 minutes before the lesson started and I didn't really have anything to set up because this class are nearly ready for the word processing test, so they're just working through practice tasks, with help as required. But I'd rush rush rushed and was still slightly hyper when I started the class, which mostly consists of pensioners and I was very conscious of having to sloooooow down to their pace.

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