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I have a new toy!

My new vacuum cleaner arrived yesterday and I think it's going to be big improvement on the old one. I've always believed (rightly or wrongly) that upright vacuums are better for large areas of carpet. Well, that may or may not be true but I have finally accepted that our house doesn't have large areas of carpet. It's a very small house on 3 levels and much more cluttered than I would like with a mixture of carpeted and hard floors.

So goodbye upright Dyson, which will be off to the recycling centre shortly and hello, Henry! I hope that Henry is going to help me keep everything cleaner by being lighter to move about and more versatile with a bigger selection of tools and brushes. And he has a cheerful smiley face.

For those of you not familiar with Henry Hoovers, here he is:

When I first saw one years ago, I thought the face was stupid, but I gradually realised that Henrys were the weapon of choice for all the college and school cleaning staff I encountered during my many years of teaching evening classes, so it had to be a serious cleaner. Now I'm just hoping that as Henry is easier to use, I'll keep on with a more regular vacuuming programme even when the novelty of a new toy wears off.

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