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Zombies, run!


This week's theme for the Flickr group was actually Z is for Zest, but having no oranges or lemons in the house, I've gone off-topic with Z is for Zombies instead. :)

After playing Ingress for a while in the spring, I just lost interest over the summer. Once I'd learned how to hack portals and bring them online and make links to create fields, I'd exhausted everything I could do in my tiny town. I didn't want to start driving around to the portals further afield as what I actually want it something to encourage me to get out and walk. I have therefore returned to using Zombies, run!

The app has now been updated and I particularly like the new feature of being able to adjust the length of the run (or in my case, walk). I can now do two missions on an hour long walk, which works really well for me. I'm not so sure I like the "story so far" and "in the next episode" additions because it makes it feel less real, but that's a minor thing. Anyway, I left off somewhere in Season 2, but as I'd forgotten most of what had happened, I've started back at the beginning and I'm trying to work quickly through the first season to get back to where I was.

Zombies, run!

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