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Weekly alphabet challenge mosaic of the 2015

Everyone is doing retrospectives or looking ahead to next year's resolutions. I'm not going to do that, but here are all the photos I took for the Weekly Alphabet Challenge in 2015.

Total weeks in 2015: 53
Total photos taken & uploaded: 51
Total missed: 2
Total off-topic photos:10
Total on-topic photos: 41

And I've signed up again for next year. :)

2015 mosaic

1. Another New Year, another new diary, 2. Balanced, 3. Fool's gold, 4. A dramatic production, 5. Sweater in Sirdar Montana, 6. Frosted catkins, 7. Wales consists almost entirely of gradients, 8. A heavenly blue sky, 9. Mawddach Trail, 10. A clump of jolly little primroses, 11. North shelter, Aberystwyth promenade, 12. Dragons of the Valley / Dreigiau'r Cwm, 13. Assembly point in case of fire, 14. Regents Park, London, 15. Wooden pig, 16. Crochet bee, 17. Repeat Row 3 until the required size, 18. Skyscape, 19. Diversion due to Ras y Gader, 20. The road trip scarf is completed!, 21. Postcard from Manchester, 22. Gorsedd Circle, 23. Rhododendron, the foreign invader!, 24. Misty meadow, 25. Sun & surf, Rest Bay, 26. Toy Room sign, 27. London's skyscrapers, 28. Tiny green blackberries, 29. Old wire, 30. Emerald and diamond engagement ring, 31. Cerdd dant, 32. Cafetiere filter, 33. Green glass vase, 34. Hot chilli powder, 35. An attempt at an Impressionist sunset, 36. Pizza kit37. Jars of homemade plum jam, 38. Old needle-case, 39. Floodlit rugby, 40. Morning sun through autumn leaves, 41. Pointless leaf raking, 42. Lots of boats, 43. Regular bus service, 44. A grey November day, 45. Sunlit tree, 46. African door post, 47. The rugby pitches have vanished!, 48. Unexpected reindeer, 49. OXO Cubes, 50. Brussels sprouts, 51. Zombies, run!

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