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Not quite as wet as in Eglwyswrw

I managed to walk to the Co-op today during a brief, mostly dry window of opportunity, but now it's turned colder, it's not just rain that's falling.

Outside my window
hail patters on the cold ground.
When will it be spring?

At least it's not quite as wet here as it is in Eglwyswrw, though I don't think we're far behind. In case anyone thinks I've been overdoing the moaning about the rain, see what we've had to put up with?

This Welsh village has endured 75 days of rain in a row making it possibly the longest spell in Britain for 92 years

"The 700 villagers at Eglwyswrw in Pembrokeshire have experienced rain every day since the deluge began on October 26 last year -- and it shows no signs of stopping."

John, 52, said: “We’ve had rain of biblical proportions. It’s poured down for almost 80 days and nights so by that reckoning we would need two arks."

It is supposed to be wet in Wales and we're pretty used to it, but this is getting beyond a joke!

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