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Writing progress

I've been fiddling with my graphs and added a trend line. This shows that if I can keep up the rate I've maintained for the last week or so, I should finish this novel on target by the end of next March.

Words today: 586
Words in Chapter 12: 2334
Words total: 55,050
Reason for stopping: End of scene and I had other urgent stuff to do.
Other: It occurred to me, as I was driving into work yesterday, that, unlike any of my previous novels, the WIP has distinct merchandising possibilities. You could sell Magic Rocks (packed in tiny wooden boxes, with straw), as sold to Rishkhavoor the orc and his family in Chapter 11 and there are all the Various Erotic Artefacts the women of the village create to raise money for the Save Our Mountain Fund. Have any of you worked out what spin off items you could produce related to your novel, I wonder?

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