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A productive day

In other news...

I did two useful things today. Firstly I managed to complete and post the forms for G to claim a small occupational pension from a job we did over 20 years ago.

Secondly, the tumble dryer died a long long time ago but I'd never got around to disposing of it. Today I had the sudden urge to drag it out from under the counter and sweep and scrub the space where it had been. For the moment, the space now houses the two plastic boxes I use to hold the recycling. I've managed happily without a dryer for a couple of years, but this winter has tried my patience and ingenuity to the limit, so I've decided I will buy another. The problem is, all the dryers now seem to be two to three centimetres wider than our old one, so a new one probably won't fit where the old one was, but as long as I get a condenser dryer, it could go in the conservatory. But for now there is a lot less dust in the kitchen than there was previously, so that can only be good.

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