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Highlight of the week

8/52 for the group 2016 Weekly Alphabet Challenge

This week's theme was: H is for Highlight

The highlight of the week was that for Graham's birthday (which is next Thursday), instead of a buying him a present we had a mini-break consisting of a night in Portmeirion and dinner at the Castell Deudraeth restaurant.

Castell Deudraeth

Here is the obligatory View From The Window Of Our room shot. We had a beautiful view over the estuary from No. 2, Cliff Cottages in the Portmeirion village.

View from the window of our room

I've been to Portmeirion once or twice before, I mean it is only 30 minutes drive from home, but it was lovely to have it more or less to ourselves this morning without crowds of tourists. The nice thing about actually staying the night in one of the cottages is that it's pretty deserted first thing in the morning.

Morning in Portmeirion
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