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Mexican lasagne

I tried a new meal yesterday, namely Mexican lasagne. Someone mentioned it in one of the Habitca guilds and it sounded like the kind of meal my husband and I like. It also sounded easy to make, so I had to try it.

Before serving it up to G, I uttered the ritual incantation: "I am trying a new thing. If you don't like it, it's absolutely fine. Just say and I'll never ever make it again."

I always say this now when trying something new because early in our marriage there were a couple of misunderstandings due to G not wanting to criticise my cooking and then becoming sad at the thought of forever being forced to eat something he didn't like so as not to offend me. Once I'd made him understand that he just needed to say if he didn't like something and that I wouldn't be offended in any way, everything went much better in the food department.

Anyway, I need not have worried, the Mexican lasagne was a huge success and I'll be adding it to my repertoire. Of course it's not really a lasagne at all because it uses tortillas instead of pasta, but the principle is the same, layers of savoury stuff between sheets of some kind of carbohydrate. I used this recipe as a basis, but I added red and green peppers and onion to the minced beef, along with a packet of fahita seasoning and a can of chopped tomatoes.

Slight digression... Before I wrote this post, I checked the spelling of "lasagne". I've always spelled it with an "e" on the end but I'd noticed most other people using an "a" ending. It turns out it's yet another of those divided by a common language things. As we always have more than one sheet of pasta in the dish and we eat spaghetti not spaghetto, I'm going to confidently stick with my UK spelling. :)

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