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Welsh progress report

I didn't go to my Welsh class on Monday because we went to Portmeirion for the weekend and I was a bit tired and also needed to prepare a lesson before lunchtime. I also missed this month's meeting of the Merched y Wawr. Normally there is a speaker, so I get to practice listening, followed by up to an hour of chatting over cups of tea and biscuits. This I can cope with, despite the fact that, as an introvert, I find it difficult enough chatting in English with people I don't really know. However, this month there was no talk and the evening was a dinner with the women from the neighbouring group.

Twice as many people at the meeting and even more people I don't know was a step too far! The good news is that I've kept up with the new Welsh Duolingo (which I'm galloping through because it's almost entirely revision) and finished reading another chapter of Harry Potter. I may not have mentioned it here, but over on Habitica I'm running a challenge in the Language Hackers guild to Read Harry Potter in another language. It's working surprisingly well because it's been translated into over 70 different language versions. The target is to complete a chapter a week.
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