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Mother's day flowers


Today is Mothering Sunday in the UK and yesterday two bunches of flowers arrived. This one was from my son who asked me to photograph it so he could see what the bouquet was like. (Of course he'd ordered online so had to trust that the florist would do a good job!) I'll photograph the other bouquet from my daughter later. By the time I'd got them unpacked and into a vase, the light was fading.

I was surprised that in both cases, the vase was included. This is a new thing and in the past I've used my own vases.

Mother's day flowers

NB: I've gone off-topic this week. The theme set by the Flickr group was actually "I is for Instrument". Though I do have a number of musical instruments, I'm not playing any of them at the moment, so hauling something out and taking its photo seemed somewhat artificial. So, as I usually do in weeks when the theme doesn't chime with me for some reason, rather than force myself to take something that fits, I take an off-topic photo instead.
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