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First day of spring!

After going to Quaker meeting this morning, I spent some time in the garden this afternoon. It was the final session of moving the big tree branch that came down in the storm at Christmas. G had sawn it up a while ago, but it's only just got dry enough to move it without sinking ankle deep in mud.

So there was a lot of dragging and heaving and I could only just about roll the biggest pieces, but they're all out of our garden and stashed neatly in the swampy wood that lies beyond our bottom fence. There they will slowly rot and become a habitat for all manner of creeping and crawling things.

I'm hoping this year will finally be the year I get the very bottom of the garden usable. Normally it all gets away with me because I'm busy with deadlines and assignment marking, but with my greatly reduced teaching load this year and a fortuitous dry spell at jut the right time, I might just manage to keep it clear.

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