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Old granite setts


This week's theme for the weekly alphabet challenge was "L is for Leather", but because I was working for the first part of the week and also preparing to go away for the weekend, I didn't get around to taking a suitable photo. I'd vaguely hoped that there would be things made of leather in the dealer's room, but I didn't spot anything.

So... This is an off-topic shot taken in Manchester not far from where I was staying. When I was a kid, all the streets were paved with those square cobbles (or setts, to give them their proper name). They're made of granite, probably from the quarry on the Lleyn Peninsula. They would have been shipped to Liverpool and thence, via the Manchester ship canal, to the rapidly developing Victorian city of Manchester.

I remember them being tarmacked over, the grey stone covered in black asphalt, but they're still there and like the city itself, though new slick buildings arise, the old bones show through in places.

Old cobbles

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