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Writing progress and serendipity

None on the WIP this morning, but due to the serendipitous discovery1, of a suitable place to send the short mainstream story I wrote by accident last year, I gave that a quick dust down -- inserting 250 new words in the process -- and printed it out ready to send off.

When I say I wrote the story accidentally, I mean that the fact that it was mainstream was accidental. I really had no idea about for markets for mainstream short stories a mere 900 words long. It started life as a story based on a local Welsh fairy story and the twice before that I've done that, I've ended up with fantasy (one of which sold, the other is currently out looking for a home). So I was surprised when a) it didn't turn out as fantasy and b) took a dark turn and ended up being about a very serious topic.

So I was further suprised to check LiveJournal this afternoon to find lots of people talking about that very topic, i.e. domestic violence and abusive partners. I followed the link from matociquala's comments here to find this essay by cpolk

In my previous job I worked round the fringes of support for women who have suffered abuse. That is, I was supposed to be the IT tutor, but some women who came on my courses were trying to put their lives back together after escaping from abusive relationships. Also I did IT training for some of the women who ran the local women's refuge. So this is something I've been aware of, though not experienced personally or in my close family.

1 Via a teaching newsletter received via my work email and almost deleted unread.

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