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New addition to the biscuit aisle

14/52 for the group 2016 Weekly Alphabet Challenge

This week's theme was: N is for New

There is always something new in the supermarket! I haven't tried these yet, but perhaps I will next week. At the moment our favourites are the Co-op's own brand cookies.

New addition to the biscuit aisle

They're also on special offer. I have mixed feelings about Special Offers, especially the "Two for the price of £X" (where X < 2 times the normal price quoted).

I've finally managed to buy a pack of Fruit & Fibre, which is G's favourite cereal. For the past week, by the time I got to the Co-op, the shelf was empty. Yesterday, the shelf was full and, because they were on offer, I was obliged to buy two packets because of the "Two for the price of £X" offer. It's not a problem with non-perishable products because it just means it will be that much longer before I have to buy it again. (G isn't going to eat more cereal because there's an extra packet in the cupboard.) But almost every type of bacon has this "Two for the price of..." label. As it's only me that eats bacon, I can't eat bacon fast enough to consume two packs before the Best Before date. I've tried freezing it, but it's not really successful. If I grit my teeth and ignore the fact that I'm spending more than I need and take just one pack, they often point out the offer on the checkout and I have the embarrassment of explaining I don't want two packs.

Naturally, I don't feel strongly enough to actually complain about the practice -- not that they'd take any notice anyway because larger families of bacon eaters are no doubt glad of the small saving and are happy for such offers to continue.

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