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Productivity roulette

I'm slowly ramping up to full productivity after being ill with the cold. Today I've been using a technique that we call Productivity Roulette over on Habitica. Basically you pull out of your To-Do list a selection of tasks that you can either complete that day or at least make some progress on. Then you number them, use a random number generator (or throw dice) to give you a number and that's the task you do next.

I don't do it all the time, but I find that a bit of randomness helps me get over feelings of stuckness. So far have done 3 tasks which were: to process, post and blog my weekly photo for a Flickr challenge; set up a challenge in the Welsh guild on Habitica; and made myself sit down and carefully go through the booklet about the Welsh exam I have (foolishly?) registered for. That final task has resulted in checking off one To-Do, only to add two more, but at least I know exactly what is involved now and no longer have a lurking sense of dread that I'm going to miss a deadline.

I probably have time for one more task before I have to cook dinner. Random number generator, here I come!
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