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Writing progress

I'm still managing to continue up the new trend line. *g*

Additional words yesterday: 120 hand-written while waiting for students
Words today: 1007
Words in Chapter 12: 4259
Total so far: 56,975
Reason for stopping: End of scene and time to get food ready for this evening and head out to work.
Other: Chapter 12 is now almost finished. I just have to insert the hand-written words from yesterday into the correct point in the chapter, then I can move on.

Slight bad news: the wonderful story I am submitting to a mainstream competition (never done this before, will see what transpires) has unaccountably turned into a steaming pile of rotting dingo's kidneys overnight. I knew I shouldn't have looked at it while filling out the form and writing the self-addressed postcard etc. Now full of self-doubt. Should I have expanded on some of the scenes? 900 words is awfully short. Should I have interpolated more of the original fairy tale? Less of the original fairy tale?

Never mind, I will ignore the siren call of the "just one more re-write" and send it as is. I will just have to hope that it recovers its brilliance in the envelope en route to the judges.

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