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Scruff revealing hitherto unexpected egg herding skills

My inner-pedant objects to the term "pastured eggs" because it's the hens that are pastured, not the eggs which, like all other eggs, are laid in nest boxes. My inner pedant couldn't resist drawing this cartoon.

Pastured eggs

If you're an Archers fan, you should get this right away, but otherwise it's rather complicated to explain, but I'll try to keep it short. Apparently "pastured eggs" are a thing and are supposed to contain more Vitamin A and stuff than ordinary free range eggs. The Archers is a very long running UK radio soap. A couple of relatively new characters (two rather posh young men called Rex and Toby) have started up an enterprise selling pastured eggs which they plan to sell for an exorbitant price. For reasons, their hens are living in a caravan. Scruff is a dog belonging to one of the long-established characters and much beloved of listeners. I think that's all you need to know to understand the cartoon. On the much darker story line about domestic abuse, coercive control and the unexpected swerve into melodrama, I will remain silent or it might get ranty.

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