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Deadlines loom like only deadlines can

Urggh! The house is getting dustier and dustier, but I am keeping up with the essentials (food, laundry and dishes) and I'm working through checklist after checklist on my Habitica work account. Officially I'm only paid for 4 hours a week, but I need to go into college today and unleash the Panic Monster on my students again to ensure they complete as much as possible of the final assessment today.

I'm really looking forward to next Wednesday when everything should be complete and I no longer have the stress of a day job. Of course then I'll have to work out what on earth I do to keep myself occupied in the future, but first we have a short holiday booked and the summer should seem just like a normal summer. It will be when it gets to the end of August and early September and we're not swinging into another academic year that things will start to feel strange.

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