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It's Bank Holiday and it's sunny!

Apologies for being quiet. I've been reading my friendslist but haven't had time to comment much. It's end of term and I'm up to my eyes in marking students' final assignments. I think I mentioned that I was a bit poorly the past couple of days with a wobbly tummy. Thankfully I'm fully recovered now and in order to take a break from writing feedback on assignments, I enjoyed a walk to the Co-op Supermarket earlier in the hot sunshine. (Note for my US friends: "hot" for Wales isn't all that hot by your standards!)

The town was alive with tourists because it's Bank Holiday today. I also went to investigate the new hippyish shop that opened a couple of weeks ago. So far when I've been passing it's been after 5 pm so it's been shut. Today I got to go in and explore the contents. The result was I bought a long cotton wrap around skirt and a pot of Chinese curry paste. We can get Indian curry sauces in the supermarket but not the Chinese one that is so common in Chinese takeaways. Once I'd hauled the shopping home we sampled the new curry paste and it was good. :)

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