Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Ysgol Haf / Welsh Summer School

I have gone up a level this year and the teacher is scary compared to dear old Gwyn whose class I've been in for the past several intensive courses. However, Rhiain is scary in a good way and really makes us work hard. Yesterday, in the morning we read out our homework, which was to write the last line of a limerick. Then after a Filling InThe Gaps exercise, Bethan Gwanas, a local author came and did a creative writing session with us and got us to write a poem.

In the afternoon, after more reading and conversing, we sang a couple of songs and did some dawnsio gwerin (folk dancing). It was fun and a nice change from the hard work we'd been doing in the morning. Here's one of the songs "Lawr ar lan y mor".

In case anyone is interested in seeing how Welsh folk dancing differs from the Scottish or Irish, here are some Youtube links.

Dawnsio Gwerin Eisteddfod Wrecsam 2011 (fast forward to 40 seconds in for the start of the actual dance.)

Some children dancing at the International Eisteddfod in Llangollen

Welsh children dancing in Poland.

And an example of solo clog dancing.

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