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A record month! I have proved that it was wise not to even think about NaNoWriMo, but by piggybacking on all the enthusiasm of the NaNoWriMoers, I have had what is possibly my best writing month since records began.

For the first time, I beat my target of 10,000 words in the month.

Words yesterday: 537
Words today: 361
Words in Chapter 13: 2327
Words total: 59,436
Reason for stopping: The end of the story of the Blessed Ethillian. Also time to sort out dinner for this evening and get ready to go out to work.
Other: Yesterday, I knew I needed about 400 words to make my target of 10K in the month, so even though I was tired after a day's work, I sat down and pushed on through the sad tale of the ravished holy woman and beat my target. I then put the numbers into the spreadsheet and discovered that this meant the the total novel now stood at 58,999 words!

Well, I had to write at least one more word, didn't I? *g* So a couple of sentences later, I finished the month on 10,112 words. This makes November my best month of this year and possibly the best since I began obsessively recording daily wordage on Excel spreadsheets.

Oh, and I then had to fiddle with if statements and add a new bit to the spreadsheet to cope with a pie chart that had gone over the target, so that instead of showing a negative number for the extra it will now show a surplus in a different cell. *g*

I'm getting quite enthusiastic now about reaching the end because once the total is over 60,000, I can, if necessary, jump to the final scenes and finish it, sorting out the joining bit in the re-write. and I'm really looking forward to the scene where I get to fly a mountain. Well, it's Ceri actually, but you know what I mean. *g*

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