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Jam has been achieved!

Today has felt unproductive because I had the things I needed/wanted to do clear in my mind and then at 9 am G declared that he was bored and wanted to go out for the day. Of the three places he suggested, Corwen and a ride on the steam railway to Llangollen seemed most appealing, so I did a hasty review of my task list to sort out the essential things, washed, changed and rushed out to collect my tablets and the perfume I'd ordered from Boots. I also dashed round the Co-op and grabbed food for dinner so I wouldn't have to shop when we got back.

And then just as I got back home, it started to rain. Suddenly the prospect of going for a walk along the canal at Llangollen didn't look so appealing.

So we didn't go out after all and I don't seem to have got myself back into gear to do the things I meant to do before the day out was proposed. Well, I suppose I did do some photo-processing and I photographed the jam I made yesterday. But that didn't really take all day.

Anyway, here is the jam. There was enough fruit this year (2.75 lbs in total) to make seven jars of jostaberry jam. That's just about right because I'm the only jam eater in the house, so there's no point in making huge quantities.

I actually picked the berries a few weeks ago, just before we went to Exeter, but I didn't have time then to make jam so I just prepared the fruit and froze it for later.

Jostaberry jam

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