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I spend so much time shouting at the radio these days...

Over in a FB group I'm a member of, someone is extolling the virtues of the selective system and saying that the only reason it failed in the past is because it was supposed to be a 3-tier system of Grammar, Technical High and Secondary Modern, not just a 2-tier system of Grammar or Secondary Mod. However, despite Manchester having that 3-tier system back when I sat my 11-plus, I am still absolutely anti-selection at 11.

I'm not saying that out of sour grapes either. I passed for grammar and was very miserable at school, partly because I'd been separated from my best friend at junior school (who didn't pass). However, the main problem was that despite being very bright and being put in the top stream throughout my time at secondary school, I was not academic, the traditional ways of teaching did not work for me, and I left with a bunch of mediocre O-levels and two grade Es at A-level. It wasn't until I was in my mid-30s and started an OU degree that I finally learned how to "do" the academic thing. I now have 3 degrees (two 2.1s and a First) Yes, I suspect there as a bit of overcompensation for past failures there! :) But also it was that I really loved learning once I was allowed to do it in my own way. Meanwhile, my husband who also passed the 11-plus was expelled from his grammar school because he wouldn't conform. Grammar schools only suit those who are amenable to fitting in with the traditional ethos.

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