Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

An unexpected trip away

Tomorrow we are off on a short city break in London. This trip has been planned for a while, but last weekend we went down to South Wales having decided at short notice to join one of the Pro-EU marches that were taking place all over the country.

Cryfach yn Ewrop / Stronger in Europe

The words on the back of the green t-shirt say: "Wales is stronger in Europe" in Welsh.

G and I have never previously been particularly political, though we always vote, even in local and EU elections. However, the whole fiasco of the July referendum has made us realise how important it is for Wales to remain in the EU, or, if not actually part of it, maintaining very close ties. So we went and we took part in our very first protest march! Considering how awful the weather was, the turnout wasn't too bad and it was on the TV news that night.

Pro-EU march, Cardiff

Unfortunately, the police wouldn't let us march. The organisers (a couple of very enterprising young students) said that they had been told it was because they hadn't filled in the right form, though previously just an email notification had been enough. However, there was a huge event on at the Principality Stadium, so I suspect the police were a bit stretched and thus said no. However, it was heartening to see people turning out, despite the torrential rain and it's good to know that not everyone is just rolling over and regarding Brexit as a done deal. For all its failings, the EU does seem to try to help the poorer regions and it's also better at supporting minority languages and cultures. The Westminster government seem to regard Wales as a county of England (the Tories) or an unquestioning source of working class votes (Labour). They'll happily spend billions on London and grudge the odd million spent on Wales.

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