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Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside...

It's not going to be so easy to keep this journal updated while I'm on holiday because though we have unlimited Internet access at home during the off-peak period, during the day, I'd end up paying by the minute to be on-line. I need to establish a different pattern.

What I've been up to recently

Last Friday I should have been in work, but I'd spent the week going in (1 hour's drive) and then sitting at a computer, writing the work book for next term before driving all the way home again. At first there were colleagues around, but after having spent Thursday alone, I thought that I may as well work from home on Friday and save the commuting time.

And then G led me astray...

And then G led me astray by saying that he was going to Bangor to meet his Ph.D. supervisor and the M.Sc. students who are doing field work in his area, so why didn't I go up too? Partly he wanted the company and partly he was trying to cadge a lift because the rear lights weren't working on his vehicle and he didn't want to get stopped by the police if it started to go dark before he was driving back. As I had shopping to do, I agreed, but decided that after dropping G off, I'd go on to Llandudno, because I prefer shopping there to Bangor. And then G did something totally out of character and suggested that after he'd finished, we could meet up in Llandudno Junction and have something to eat and see a film before driving home. Because it's so far to our local cinema, seeing a film for us is a once a year affair.

So, I did my shopping and got most of the things I wanted. (But not the shoes I need for our daughter's wedding, so I'll need another expedition somewhere else.) I had my lunch sitting on the sea front, admiring the blue sky and blue sea.

I only bought one book, a copy of Jane Eyre, which I'd been reading on my Psion, but was making slow progress because it's just not as convenient as a paper copy.

After meeting G and having something to eat, we went and saw Terminator 3. It wasn't really what I would have chosen, but it was the best of a feeble bunch of films on offer.

It was fun, in a "leave your brain at home" kind of way. I'll post thoughts about the film in a separate entry, to avoid spoilers. The trailer for Pirates of the Carribean looked better. I might think about another trip to the North Wales coast, while I'm on holiday.

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