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It wasn't all about the protesting - Helen's journal and online home
In which an old dog attempts to learn new tricks.
It wasn't all about the protesting
As well as joining in the anti-Brexit protest in Cardiff, we also went shopping. I bought some new walking shoes and while we were exploring the big Waterstones bookshop, I spotted a friend's book out in the wild. readthisandweep no longer posts on LJ, having abandoned us for the bright lights of Twitter and the main streets of Facebook, but some of you may remember her talking about writing her novel Ghostbird.

Here is is, out in the wild!

Ghostbird in Waterstones
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readthisandweep From: readthisandweep Date: September 21st, 2016 07:12 am (UTC) (Link)
How very kind! seaivy alerted me to this post. Thank you so much, Helen!
The bright lights of Twitter (to saying nothing of the Dark Side that is Facebook) continue to serve me & my book well. I still keep this account active though & do pop by from time to time.
I hope you are all well & happy!
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