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Homemade book snake

I know it’s considered bad manners to read at the dining table, but it’s one of the few times I can read without feeling guilty, however, I’ve always struggled to keep the book open so I can read without having to hold it. Over the years I’ve used various things, usually a hole punch, to keep the book flat, but our current hole punch is very large and cumbersome and casts a shadow over the pages.

Recently I was watching a programme about old books on TV and the presenter had a book weight that looked like a white snake. (In fact I’ve just googled and discovered that they are called snake weights!). “That’s what I need!” I thought. I suspected they might be quite expensive, so I wondered how I could make one.

My first thought was a length of chain in a crochet tube, but the chain in the local builders’ merchant wasn’t heavy enough. I was stumped for a moment and then I thought, pebbles!

A quick trip to a nearby river provided me with 14 suitably sized pebbles then I just crocheted a simple net of trebles (US double crochet) around them.

It was all improvised, but I found that 5 or 6 trebles with either 1 or 2 chains between worked well, depending on the size of the pebble.

Crochet & pebble book weight

I’m delighted to say that it didn’t take long to make and it works really well! All it cost was a little time and patience.

Crochet & pebble book weight

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