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I has a certificate!

Yesterday I had a trip to Aberystwyth to the Lifelong Learning and Welsh for Adults awards ceremony where I was presented with my Tystysgrif Ganolradd mewn Cymraeg Ail Iaith: Defnyddio'r Gymraeg. (Intermediate Certificate in Welsh Second Language: The Use of Welsh). The ceremony was bigger than I expected and they even had a harpist! It took place on the university campus and afterwards I had a look in the arts centre and treated myself to a cute pair of socks and some little book marks.

Award ceremony & treats

I did manage to arrive exactly at 2.00 pm (the invite said there would be cake from 2.00 pm and the ceremony would start at 2.20). However, there were a few minutes when it looked touch and go because I found myself completely befuddled with no sign of the mysterious Medrus where the ceremony was being held.

A little context...

More then 40 years ago, I was a student on that campus. I lived there for 2 years and, at the time, knew every inch of the area where I was standing befuddled. Except since then, they have built a plethora of new buildings. Even more new buildings than the last time I was visiting occasionally for OU tutorials.

I had parked in the visitor's car park near the arts centre and (perhaps foolishly?) followed a sign that claimed it led to Medrus. Except, as is often the way with signs, having lured you to follow them, they peter out, leaving you lost. Anyway, I thought I'd start again at the bottom of the hill near the entrance to the old hall of residence I once inhabited and, after one false trail which just led me into a cafe, I found the right entrance and there it was, just up one flight of stairs from the foyer.

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