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Trip to Aberdaron

Today we went on another expotition to look at some of the locations that G wants to include in his geology book. At this stage it's just a case of refreshing our memories of places that G has led field trips to and also checking that the rocks he wants to write about can be accessed via public rights of way. It's one thing to go trespassing oneself in search of interesting outcrops, but you can't write field guilds that expect others to follow one's bad example! There will be other, more detailed trips, on days with brighter weather to make complete notes and take photos to use as illustrations.

The scenery on the Lleyn Peninsula is very different to our local landscape. It's typical of an area that looks as much to the sea as to the land. The cottages are built low, the stone walls are more like stone banks and the trees are shaped by the wind. There are no large places but lots of scattered villages, little more than hamlets really.

As we approached Aberdaron, I said, "Ah, I recognise this. This is the place with the heron on the roof of the village shop."

"That's mentioned in one of my favourite Welsh novels," G replied.

"What is?" I asked, "The shop or the heron?"


But the heron wasn't there as we drove through Aberdaron and took the very steep road up to the place you can park by the road that was built during the construction of the WWII radar station that used to stand on the cliffs higher up.

We parked and went for a short walk along the cliff path. The weather could have been better. Ynys Enlli (Bardsey Island) brooded out to sea and we were buffeted by the wind. But it didn't rain and somewhat windswept, we made our way back to the car.

On the way back through Aberdaron, to my delight the heron was in position on the roof of the little Spar shop. I photographed a heron back on 2010 and so I'm now wondering whether it's the same heron. (How long do herons live?) Or is the Spar Roof Perch a hereditary position amongst local herons? When the old Roof Heron dies, does another young heron succeed to the perch?

My photo of the roof heron from October 2010


Leaving the narrow lanes of Penrhyn Lleyn behind, we drove back to Criccieth via a very long, unnaturally straight road, which led us to speculate that it might originally have been Roman. We stopped briefly in Porthmadog to collect the watch we'd left at the jewellers on the way up. It was just having its battery replaced, but there isn't a local shop that does that sort of thing.

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