Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Suddenly it's autumn!

Autumn has come very late this year. It's been unseasonably warm and the leaves have remained defiantly green until now. But autumn has come in a rush.

Autumn trail

These were taken yesterday on a walk to visit G's oak tree and take its temperature again.

We have a holly tree in our garden, but it doesn't have berries. I spotted this bush while photographing the deciduous trees.

Holly berries

Very soon these coppery leaves will be gone and it will be drab brown and grey all winter.

Copper tree by the trail

In other news, G returned from today's visit to his oak tree to find two young men from Welsh Water digging a hole in our front garden. We knew that our neighbour had reported a leak on her water supply and we knew that someone from Welsh Water was supposed to be coming to investigate. However, it might have been nice if they'd informed us they were about to start work rather than just digging a hole. Fortunately I don't have a bed of prized roses or similar at the point where they needed to dig.

They were very good and have filled the hole in again now, but apparently they still can't find the problem. I hope they won't have to dig up the car park and I sincerely hope that the pipe doesn't run under our garages.

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