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Writing progress (Thursday)

Not good words, probably, but words.

Words today: 619
Words in Chapter 13: 3301
Words total: 60,410
Reason for stopping: Almost time for students to start turning up for the evening class.
Other: Didn't write this morning because my thoughts were too scattered due to disturbed sleep. G had to get up at shortly after 4.00 am in order to drive to the station to catch the train to London. G doesn't really believe in mornings, so I had to set the alarm and stagger out of bed and make coffee in order to get him up and moving.

The reason for this ordeal is that he has to go to the US embassy to get a visa for his trip to the States in the New Year. As it's for a training course, it doesn't qualify for the visa waiver that would apply if he was merely going on holiday. Heaven knows what time he'll get back as he was told to allow 4 hours for the interview.

I, at least, could go back to sleep for a bit, but I didn't sleep well and so instead of writing I did various other bits and pieces, like contact Vodafone because the spare mobile phone we keep for G to use on the rare occasions that he wants one wouldn't work and just showed a message saying that there was a problem with the account. It turns out that if you leave them unused in a drawer long enough, they get disconnected from the network. Anyway, it's now reinstated, thanks to a very polite and patient helpline person and I know now that I must use it every few months in order to keep it active.

Also ordered some office supplies (boring stuff like ink cartridges and paper) and failed to add more top up either of the mobile phones (we only have Pay as You Go ones) because the system said my credit card had expired, which it hadn't, because I'd updated the new expiry date for the new card and it worked fine at the supermarket later.

Got to stop now, students approach!

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