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Productivity Roulette - Helen's journal and online home — LiveJournal
In which an old dog attempts to learn new tricks.
Productivity Roulette
I posted a photo of a die and a to-do list recently. Today I really wasn't playing Productivity Roulette (as we call it over on Habitica). As I had 14 tasks and my ISP had a problem so I had no internet most of the afternoon (eeek!) and I couldn't use an online Random Number Generator, I cut up little pieces of paper, wrote the numbers 1-14 on them and put them in a small bag so I could draw out a number at random. Here's what I did...

1. Clean toaster
2. Freeze bacon
3. LJ post Yr Ysgwrn
4. Mod interview questions
5. 1 pomodoro ironing
6. 1 pomodoro ironing
7. Family admin stuff
8. Write up Traws walk
9. Go through bag in conservatory
10. Clean kitchen floor
11. Replace hall and landing light shades
12. Move jewellery upstairs
13. Assess or close challenges
14. 1 pomodoro of Quaker stuff

First number drawn, #14. Spreadsheet updated, bank statement filed, email drafted.

Second number, #1. Cleaned crumbs out of toaster.

Third number, #6. 1 pomodoro (i.e. 24 minutes) of ironing.

I then cheated slightly and chose #8. Write up Traws walk, as this was a sitting down at the computer task after two physical tasks.

I'll carry on with this method tomorrow to get the rest done.
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