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Writing progress

A good morning's work. Progress this month so far isn't bad at all.Words today: 1371Words in Chapter 13: 4672 (and now complete)Words total: 61,781Reason for stopping: End of scene and end of chapter. Other: Managed to progress the romance sub-plot and Ceri has seen the key to the Earth Mage's mountain moving force field. A literal key in the shape of a glittering crystal polyhedron.Snippet:Ceri sighed deeply. She should have been happy here. This was a lovely place for Pip to grow up, so clean and quiet, safe from the heavy traffic and dark smogs of the city. But soon they'd have to give up and move away, if the protests and schemes didn't raise enough money in time. "Oh, what can ail thee, maid so fair? Alone and clearly loitering. The ducks have risen from the lake, and my heart sings."Ceri's heart jumped and started thudding faster as she turned and saw Gregor, the young Earth Mage, leaning on his surveying pole and regarding her with a warm smile that crinkled the corners of his eyes.

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