Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Expotition to the Wilds of Wales

Last Thursday we went on an expotition to Nant y Moch. This is a reservoir created by damming a valley in the middle of nowhere in Mid-Wales.

For some reason there was a huge car park by the dam. Ours was the only car!

Looking back to the dam

Onwards and upwards we plodded. Apart from the time we took a short cut across the corner of a bit of moorland to avoid a herd of Highland cattle who were gathered around a pile of hay that the farmer had thoughtfully left by the road, we followed this well made track. This is actually looking back downhill at part of the reservoir.

Track & reservoir

This large pool or small lake is being filled in with vegetation. However, what looks like solid land is probably just a floating mat of moss and plants and it's therefore really treacherous, especially if you were walking here in the dark. This may account for its name of Pwll y Diafol / Devil's Pool.

Pwll y Diafol / Devil's Pool

Just emerging from the cloud in the far distance is the faint grey shape of Cader Idris. We live just on the other side of this mountain.

Cader Idris

Almost at our destination! Llyn Llygad Rheidol. Hidden in the cwm is the small lake that is the source of the River Rheidol.

Llyn Llygad Rheidol

We just managed to make it back to the car before the heavy rain started. Weather permitting, we're off on another expotition tomorrow, though the forecast is a bit iffy.

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