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Writing progress -- none!

I haven't been posting any progress because there hasn't been any for several days. Well, that's not quite true. I haven't produced any actual words, but I have been thinking about the book and I've come to the conclusion that though there might be a bit more of the End Of The Middle to write, I'm going to skip that and start writing The End.

After the record breaking November, I wrote a couple of thousand words at the beginning of this month[1] and then stuck. One reason for the slight stuckness is that I'm not quite sure how much more End Of The Middle to put in. I'm sure I could keep inventing Humorous Stuff, but I don't want this to get too long. My novel drafts have always expanded in the past when I revise, so this is a serious danger, especially as the WIP is a bit Description Lite at the moment and many of the scenes are not as grounded as I would like them to be. Correcting this will result in more words, I'm sure. HOwever, if I write The End, then I'll know how many words I have to play with and can then finesse the join between the first part of the story and the final part to arrive at a suitable total.

[1] I have already written more this December than I did in December 03, so I'm not too concerned, especially as I feel I'm girding up my loins for the final sprint to the end.

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