Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

The Torrent Walk

We have several named walks locally. There is the Panorama Walk, the Precipice Walk, and the New Precipice Walk. I've done those three many times. There is also the Torrent Walk which, for some reason, I have never managed to do in nearly 40 years of living in the area.

The reasons for this omission are various. It is a pretty wooded valley with a river tumbling through it, but there are many similar ones locally and in fact, for about seven years, we used to live in one. Also it's a bit too far to walk from home and walking there would involved a tedious trek up the main road. And yet it scarcely seems worth driving there because by the time you've decided to drive, there are many more beautiful locations within easy reach.

But today, finally, I made it! G wanted to revisit with a view to including it as one of the locations in the geology book.

Trailing ivy

I don't think I've ever noticed ivy hanging in festoons like this. It reminded me of something out of a Tarzan film.

The river runs in a deep chasm at this point.

Torrent Walk

The whole walk up and then back down the valley is probably only a couple of kilometres (1.5 miles approx). This is nearly at the highest point. just over the bridge is the main road.

Torrent Walk

After completing the walk, when we emerged from the wooded valley and returned to the car, the sun had come out!

View near Torrent Walk

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