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Weekly alphabet challenge 2016

There are supposed to be 52 weeks in a year, but we'd completed twice through the alphabet by last week. (I think it's something to do with the challenge weeks always starting on a Sunday.) So there was a week in hand which meant I could make up for the one week I missed in September.

Total weeks in 2016: 53
Total photos taken & uploaded: 52
Total missed: 1
Total off-topic photos: 8
Total on-topic photos: 44

Which is a slight improvement on last year when I only managed 41 on topic and missed 2.

Of course I've signed up again for next year. :)

Weekly alphabet challenge 2016 mosaic

1. Ready for an adventure, 2. Blue sky and snowy mountain, 3. Grey rainy evening, 4. Rock specimen, 5. Chwilen / Beetle, 6. Overgrown flight of steps, 7. Ground level, 8. Castell Deudraeth, 9. Mother's day flowers, 10. Jagged keys, 11. Be kind, 12. Old granite setts, 13. Moonlight, 14. New addition to the biscuit aisle, 15. Welsh scrabble, 16. A parting of the ways, 17. Blossom and snow shower, 18. Green mug, 19. Spring in the park, 20. Tourist coach, 21. Bee & Owl, 22. Vanity, 23. Western Cape Fairtrade Chardonnay-Viognier, 24. Xmas poster in June, 25. Bananas, 26. Brexit confusion, 27. Athletic, 28. Before & after, 29. Stuck!, 30. Delicate pink flower, 31. Ty Gwerin, 32. Rowan berries, 33. Having a grand time!, 34. Heavy horse, 35. Dragon milk, 36. Jar of wool 37. Garden Bridge protest, 38. Refuse collection, 39. Boats near and far, 40. Rowan & birch, 41. Pointed grave marker, 42. Gamifying your to-do list, 43. Recycling, 44. A sunny day at last!, 45. Worn tread, 46. Camden Lock, 47. Editor's viewpoint, 48. White lights on the tree, 49. eXtremely remote, 50. Yard, 51. Zenith, 52. View near Torrent Walk

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