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Only what you would expect from a posh Englishman

I try to avoid listening to Any Questions on Radio 4 because it usually involves too much shouting at the radio when idiots start channelling the Daily Mail and spouting their right wing ideology. However, because G had been for a long walk and wanted lunch later than usual, I did catch part of it today. One chap was holding forth about how after Brexit we could buy our food from the US instead of Europe. [*]

"Who is that posh git?" I asked. G didn't know. But on checking Twitter just now I found this tweet from Plaid Cymru MP Dafydd Wigley:

"Brexiteer Tory MP Jacob Rees Mogg MP advocates bargain deal for US beef exports to UK (AQ Radio 4). So another blow to Wales beef sector."

So that's who the posh git was...

[*] There are so many things wrong with that idea that I won't even start to list them.

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