Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Cardiff -- shopping and afternoon tea

G set off around 8:30 am for his day of meetings and I toddled out into the city centre shortly after in search of breakfast in the form of a sausage bap from Greggs bakers.

After this I found all the places that had proved elusive yesterday. Basically, I'd just failed to see them, despite walking past them at least once and possible twice. Yr Hen Lyfrgell (The Old Library) Welsh centre was a bit disappointing. There seemed to be plenty going on there in the form of classes and other activities, just nothing for random strangers to drop in on. The biggest disappointment was that the two women behind the counter in the gift shop were speaking English to one another! There is a cafe and I presume I could have gone and ordered food and drink in Welsh, but I had been instructed not to eat much because our daughter was going to treat us to a special afternoon tea in one of the posh hotels in Cardiff.

However, my shopping trip was successful. I found the Whittards tea shop and replenished my supply of Russian Caravan tea. I also found Fat Face and bought two new pairs of jeggings to replace the jeans that are now too large after my success with the No S Diet. Finally I found Waterstones and spent my Christmas gift voucher on a book about baking bread. I know I have basic bread recipes in my ancient copy of Mrs Beeton, but there were some more interesting recipes and good pictures showing how to do the kneading etc.

Waiting for our daughter to arrive. It was rather cold and bleak.

Cardiff Castle

I made a quick trip back to the hotel to leave my bags and then met our daughter at the entrance to the castle and thence to eat a delicious afternoon tea and have a lovely catch up chat.

Tea for two!

Afternoon Tea

After than I just returned to our hotel to read the internet and wait for G to return. We did go out to dinner that night, but I just had a starter (a very tasty soup and chunk of bread) while G had a huge pizza.

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