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Misty mountain

13/52 for the group 2017 Weekly Alphabet Challenge

This week's theme was: M is for Mist

Misty mountain

When I peeked at this week's theme on Saturday, the weather was glorious with totally blue skies. Ditto on Sunday, but I needn't have worried about finding some mist to photograph. Wales is known for its changeable weather and today was definitely misty on the mountain tops.

Today's walk was another reconnoitring trip for G's geology book. We drove to Cym Mynach (Monk's Valley) and parked at the end of the tarmac road. We followed the gravel track for a while before branching off up a narrow footpath though a wood. There were a few fallen trees to negotiate and part of the path was unsure whether it was a path or a stream, but it was easy to follow. As G hadn't been up that way for probably 30 years, there was no guarantee that the path would still be there. It might have been overgrown and lost in new tree growth, but it will be fine to include in the book. As the visibility was so poor on the tops, we turned back after I took the photo.

This shot shows part of the track which, once upon a time, was a narrow tramway leading to a manganese mine. We have a piece of the ore somewhere in the garage and I might try and find it to show you all. It's a rather nice rock, being striped in red and black.

Old tramway, Cym Mynach

We had planned to climb higher, but as you can see from the first photo, we wouldn't have been able to see anything so we turned back at this point. However, it was a pleasant -- if damp! -- walk of about 2&189; miles, so I've done my exercise for today.

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