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Rhobell y Big

It always seems to be the way that you don't visit a place for years and then you go there twice in one week.

Last Sunday we drove up to visit a friend who has a smallholding in the middle of nowhere. We see her occasionally in town, but it's been a couple of years since we visited her at home. It was a beautiful day and her smallholding lived up to its name which translates as "Hot Field". Despite being fairly high, it really catches the sun and on a fine day it's lovely to be out, sitting by the pond watching her three dogs running around. We also retrieved the rock specimen I mentioned a couple of days ago, the manganese ore. I had a vague feeling we'd lent it to someone, but couldn't remember who, but G said it was in the garage. Anyway, as soon as we started discussing the geology book, N said, "Oh, I've got your manganese ore. I've been meaning to give it back to you for ages." So now we are reunited with it and as soon as I get a moment, I'll post a photo because it is a very pretty rock.

So, having been up to Capel Hermon on Sunday, on Wednesday we found ourselves driving past the turning leading to our friend's drive as we went to climb Rhobell y Big. Here's the screenshot from the My Tracks app showing our walk that day.

Speed & elevation

What sort of hill could produce a graph like that? Well, first there was the slow trudge up the heather covered hillside and then final steep scramble up the tumbled rocks. I love how the speed (the blue line) is the complete inverse of the steepness. :)

Here is Rhobell y Big

Rhobell y Big

At the start of the walk looking back.

Lone thorn tree

Nearly at the top now.

Nearly at the top!

And here is the view from the summit.

Looking north

The app tells me that the whole walk was only 2 miles. My legs tell me it was further, but that's because wading through the heather on the lower slopes meant lifting the feet much higher than normal -- as well as stopping every so often to retie our bootlaces which the heather seems so good at untying!

Finally the volcanic rocks that we came to see.

Volcanic rocks

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