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I pottered about first thing, making sure everything was left tidy for G, and ironing and packing my clothes. I intended to catch the 12.04 train from Machynlleth which would get me to Shrewsbury shortly after lunchtime. Staying in Shrewsbury was a cunning plan to save money by getting a cheap deal on the Premier Inn room rather than paying a lot more for an extra night at the Hilton in Birmingham. But Shrewsbury is a lot nearer to Birmingham than my home town, so it means I can arrive earlyish tomorrow without having to get up at the crack of dawn.

The drive to the station was going smoothly -- until we reached Corris when the traffic ground to a halt. At first we just assumed it was road works, but we waited and waited and waited and still we didn't move. More worrying was the fact that nothing was coming the other way!

After a while, G realised that we were right by a turning leading to the back lanes we had explored just a few weeks ago. A little maneouvreing enabled me to turn out of the traffic jam and, followed by a Tesco delivery van who either also knew the back lanes or who trusted that we did and was taking a chance that we would lead him somewhere useful, we trundled through the old village and eventually rejoined the main road beyond whatever problem was causing the holdup and I got to the station in plenty of time for the train.

On arrival in Shrewsbury, I relaxed in the hotel room for a while before going in search of shops. Shrewsbury turns out to have lots of shops, also lots and lots of cafes (chains and independents). The plentiful shops are mostly quirky independent shops selling clothes, jewellery, interior decor stuff, fancy chocolate, locally made toiletries and that kind of thing. There is a traditional market hall (no market today, sadly), a new shopping centre with well known chain stores, but no food shops. I couldn't find one single Tesco express or Spar or small Co-op or similar.

I wandered on, heading for the Abbey and there, a little way beyond the old red stone Abbey was a huge Asda. So I went in search of sandwiches or pots of salad or anything I could take back to eat for a light meal, but couldn't find anything. Eventually, in addition to the toothpaste and some hair ties that I needed, I bought a pack of two ciabattas and some ham, biscuits and a bottle of tropical fruit juice.

Of course, having paid for it all, on my way out, I saw, tucked in the corner by the door, the Food To Go section. But never mind. This will do me for dinner and breakfast tomorrow.

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