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Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible

I'm not going to even try to comment on world news. I have a vague niggling feeling that someone told me recently that they were going to Thailand, but I can't remember who it was (a student, I think) or when they were going. I just hope that they weren't there for the quake and tsumani.

Of course it's perfectly possible that my mind is playing tricks, especially as it's not well at the moment. I have some strange mild 'fluey illness which involves a headache and feeling cold and a bit shivery and slightly wobbly, but is not incapacitating enough to say, "Sod it! I'm going to bed to sleep for the rest of the day."

I was feeling a bit woozy on Christmas day, but I cooked a traditional-ish lunch and sat around doing not a lot. Boxing Day (i.e. yesterday) I drove up with our son to see my Dad and my brother, sister-in-law and nephew and niece. We had a nice family gathering and after a light lunch, went for our traditional Boxing Day walk along the sea front at Prestatyn. We admired the wind farm and the distant gas rigs out to sea. Also decided that the sport of being towed along the beach (either on a little 3-wheeled buggy or on a mountain board) by a curved kite, like a small paraglding chute, looked immense fun. Though very cold it must have been yesterday.

Today I have driven son to the station to catch the train back to Cardiff, where he is spending the afternoon with his sister before being reunited with his girlfriend and going to spend New Year with her family. Also I have marked about 7 stories which were part of assignment 1 for the fiction writing course I tutor. Really need to finish and return these tomorrow, so will do more later, but just needed a short break so skived off onto the computer to check LiveJournal.

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