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How autistic are you?

Does the fact that I found a lot of these questions difficult to answer mean that I'm more or less autistic than the score indicates? My overall score was 4, which is more autistic than a neurotypical male, but not high enough to count as autistic in the grand scheme of things. However, my social score was 3/20, which is between the autistic male and female scores, and the organisation and routine score (11/20) was equivalent to an autistic male. It was the sensory score that pulled me towards normal because it seemed to indicate that I was less sensitive than a typical person. However, I actually think the questions were badly worded, which made many of them impossible to answer.

I mean take the question: "I often notice small sounds when others do not."

How am I supposed to answer this question? I have no way of knowing whether someone has noticed a sound unless they comment on it. I often notice things and yet don't say anything about it, for example the slight sound of a fly buzzing around the room or the sound of someone mowing their lawn a couple of gardens away. Unless I feel the sound is significant, I won't draw attention to it. So if I hear things and don't think it's worth mentioning, then I assume others do the same. But there was no: "How the hell do I know whether they've heard it or not?" option.

And another question: "I would be able to taste the difference between apparently identical pieces of candy." Well, how do I know whether I'd be able to taste the difference? How different do they taste? Is one rum and butter and the other plain caramel? Or are they both caramel and made from very similar recipes? This question, as written, is unanswerable.

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