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You win some; you lose some...

I did manage to leave work early, so arrived home at about 3.30 pm, in good time to go to the opticians to pick up my new glasses. I've been looking forward to this because a) I've been wearing my hideous old large, plastic-framed reading glasses for the past ten days to enable me to re-cycle the nice frames for the new reading glasses and b) the distance glasses weren't quite right any more and things in the distance have been a bit blurry. I really noticed it at Easter when I had to drive to Eastercon. Driving the same route to work and back you don't notice the road signs, but when you're trying to navigate strange roundabouts and motorway junctions, it's worrying to realise that you can's see as well as you think you ought to be able to.

On the way into town, I popped into the garage to pay an overdue bill and, while I was there, commiserated with the proprietor's wife over the problem of getting husbands into fancy suits for their daughter's wedding and the unreasonable expectations of daughters in thinking, even for one moment, that such a feat would be possible. Their wedding was a few weeks ago and it had gone well. The suit problem having been resolved by a compromise in which the father of the bride wore an ordinary black suit, leaving the wing collars, waistcoats and cravats to the groom and best man. This was the solution I was also planning on, so it was heartening to hear that it had worked in her case.

After paying a couple of cheques in at the bank, I reached the opticians to discover that the reading glasses were spot on. Reading comfort has now been restored. But... the distance glasses weren't right. She tried the, "Why don't you wear them for a couple of weeks, you might just need to get used to them?" line but I explained that though objects in the shop were perfectly sharp, I couldn't read a notice pasted onto the garage door across the road with the new glasses, whereas with the old ones I could.

So I have to have another appointment to be re-tested next week. Bother.

I did, however, manage to pop into the bakers to buy some of the only kind of cheese G (my husband) will eat, also visited the ironmongers to get a couple of light fittings so that I can replace the one that fell off last weekend and the one that's stopped working (though that might just be loose wire), but I have a pre-emptive fitting, in case it's required.

To cheer my up after the disappointment over the glasses, I met a Buddhist friend on the way home (who I was planning to phone this evening) and discovered that the small local Buddhist group is still meeting (I can therefore go next Tuesday) and he also gave me a lead to some possible string players (to play at daughter's wedding reception).

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