Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Another sunny day

Yesterday we went on another reconnoitring trip for the geology book. We parked in the parking place for the Panorama Walk, but the spaces were mostly filled with minibuses from outdoor pursuits centres. There are some easy rock slabs nearby where they take kids to try their hand at abseiling and rock climbing.

We followed the steep lane up to the farmhouse at the end of the tarmac and then continued up a path, hoping to see traces of the manganese mines. The day was beautiful, with a clear blue sky and not too warm -- once we had finished climbing the steep hill, that is!

There was a glorious view to Fairbourne. You can see why the inhabitants are concerned about rising sea levels. They have been told that there won't be any extra sea defences built to protect their houses.

View over to Fairbourne

We wandered on, taking a track that led to the right to Bwlch y Llan. We could see right to the coast and the Lleyn Peninsula.

Sheep & Lleyn Peninsula

We speculated as to whether a small ruin might have been a chapel. It didn’t have chimneys and was in an odd place for a barn. We didn't pass by close enough to see it in detail, though I may investigate another time.

We continued to climb up a path that seemed to have ambitions to turn into a stream.

Stony track

At the top, we were rewarded with some spectacular views of the estuary, even better than from the Panorama Walk.

Mawddach Estuary

Gradually we made our way round in a circle and then back down to the steep narrow lane and thence to the car.

We had planned to eat lunch in the Last Inn in Barmouth, but as we passed, it looked absolutely seething. We had finished the walk rather earlier than expected, so we abandoned the idea of a cooked meal and instead drove to the seafront car park where we saw the air ambulance hovering. Fortunately I decided to park over by some other cars and not in the middle of the empty space, because once we had parked and climbed out of our vehicle, the helicopter proceeded to land in the car park!

It seemed to be a genuine emergency because while we were perusing the parking charges, an ambulance arrived.

Having decided that we weren’t paying £3.20 to park for an hour (it would have allowed up to a 4 hour stay, but we didn’t need that long), we drove on to the Co-op car park where we parked for free, bought sandwiches and proceeded to eat them on the beach.

I don't know what the paramedics were doing with their patient, but we'd finished our sandwiches and had a quick look at the little museum by the harbour before the helicopter took of, heading south across the bay.

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