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Move more, eat less

Current weight (without clothes): 8st 11lbs (123lbs)
Target weight (without clothes): 8st 9lbs (± 1lb) i.e. for non-Brits 120-122lbs
Amount of weight to lose: 2lbs

Today I did some exercise! The darkness and wetness, combined with the strange wobbly 'fluey illness, has kept me indoors, but today I went for a 1 hour walk along the old railway. I though I'd stick to the flat, owing to the 'fluey illness, so though I walked briskly, it was quite gentle really. Also boring. I must get the bike oiled and the tyres pumped up again because it's much more fun to cycle along here than to walk.

The new icon was taken at the farthest point of the walk. It wasn't quite as dark as it looks in the photo.

View looking towards the coast.

View looking homewards.

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